Window tables will open on Monday, February 5th for the 2024 season! Book here:
1:07 pm game | 1:37 pm game | 3:07 pm game | 7:07 pm game


The game day experience at Sportsnet Grill is truly unmatched. Our restaurant offers the ultimate sports dining experience with floor-to-ceiling windows delivering remarkable views into the Rogers Centre. Book a window table for panoramic views of Jays' batting practice and home games.

 How do I reserve a window table for game day?

You can check availability and reserve your window table online via OpenTable when reservations open for the season.

What's the group size for window tables?

We can accommodate 2 to 8 guests at a window table. For groups of 5 or more, please call 416.341.5045 to reserve.

Is there a charge for reserving a window table? Do I need a credit card to reserve?

There is a $10 per person viewing fee for games. A credit card is required to secure a window table.

Is there a minimum spend on food & beverage? What about for kids?
Yes. The minimum spend is $50 per person. Children under 12 years old are $25 per person. If you do not spend the minimum, the difference will be added to the bill as a “ticket fee”.

What is the cancellation policy?
Guests may cancel up to 24 hours before the seating time. A no-show or cancellation less than 24 hours before the seating time will result in a $50 per person charge.

Can I watch batting practice from your restaurant?
Yes! You can reserve a window table to watch batting practice: 11 am reservation for a 1 pm game, 1 pm reservation for a 3 pm game and 4:30 or 5 pm reservation for a 7 pm game. There is no charge, no minimum spend required and no credit card needed. The only condition is you MUST leave 15 minutes before the game starts! Please call 416.341.5045 to guarantee a window table. For online reservations, please request a window table in the comments and we will reach out to confirm availability.

Do I need a ticket to the game to watch from your restaurant?
No! Just the viewing fee and the minimum food & beverage spend.

Can I purchase 50/50 tickets from the restaurant?
Unfortunately, no.

Can we get into the Rogers Centre from your hotel or restaurant?
No, you must exit the hotel to access the Rogers Centre.

Can we hear the live game from the stadium in your restaurant?
Yes, you can!

Can you talk to the Rogers Centre to get us on the Jumbotron?
Unfortunately, no.